Frequently Asked Questions

How We Work

Who do you work with?

Any brand with a quality product and ambitions to grow — mostly DTC brands or brands with a large digital presence, looking for direct response TV creative that acquires customers efficiently. We love working with brands we believe in and will move mountains to help you succeed.

How much do you charge?

This is heavily dependent on total number of creatives and scale of the campaign, so the best way to answer this is over a quick call. Perhaps more importantly, we’ve streamlined every part of the creative and production processes with an entirely in-house team of the very best talent, so we’re able to consistently deliver far more “bang” for your buck than any other agency. 

How do you produce at a lower cost than other agencies?

Our industry is rampant with waste — wasted time, wasted money, duplicated resources, unnecessary overhead, and excessive spending on just about everything. Plus a lot of creative shops outsource things like production, casting, location scouting, post-production, color grading, sound mixing/design, and more — each of which comes with additional fees, margins, and overhead that contribute to the overall cost. We do everything in-house, quickly, with exactly the resources we need and never more. And that translates to your dollars being spent on the things that actually move the needle. 

Why does "in-house" matter?

All of our creatives, directors, producers, and editors can work together, in the same room, from day 1. That not only means that all that brain power is contributing to the success of your ads throughout the process, but it means we can move lightning-fast—saving you time and money. Nothing is lost in translation between initial concept and final delivery. And everyone is invested in ensuring the work… well, works. 

Process / Deliverables

How long does it take from contract signing to final delivery?

Our typical timeline, from onboarding to delivery, is 6-8 weeks. When necessary, we can turnaround creative in as little as 3-4 weeks.

Where do you shoot?

We mostly film on location or in studio in the greater NYC area (generally within 1-2 hours of NYC, across NY, NJ, and CT). However, we’ve filmed all over the place when the creative demanded it — everywhere from California to Copenhagen. So if there’s clear creative value to it (read: tangible ROI), we can make the world your oyster.

Can someone from our team be on-set during filming?

Yes, of course. We always welcome our clients if they would like to join us for a shoot. This can be a great way to get feedback on setups or troubleshoot product challenges in real-time. And we love collaborating with people obviously as passionate about the outcome as we are.

What deliverables will I receive?

In a typical project, for every concept we develop, we deliver both :30 and :15 versions, in some cases with A/B variations to test, and always with platform-native versions for digital placements (YouTube, Meta, etc.). Some projects require different durations, specific tech specs, etc. — the TL;DR is we’ll always make sure you have absolutely everything you could possibly need for distribution everywhere you deploy ad spend. 

Will I own the raw media files?

Yes, of course. This is always built-in to our agreements so you can use the content however you need to.

Media Strategy

Do you plan my media strategy or manage my media spend?

No. But we work with the best partners in the world and would be more than happy to make some introductions for you if it would be helpful!

Should I be running ads on Linear? CTV? YouTube?

We’ll optimize your ads for all of the above so you can maximize success wherever your media strategy takes you! Typically, :15 spots have a lower CPV on linear while :30 spots have a lower CPV on CTV, so it’s important that your creative adapts to be sharp/compelling in both lengths.

Can I run these ads on paid social?

Absolutely — and we encourage you to! Our creative teams are fluent in paid social and we’ll re-edit/optimize for every channel. This starts with careful consideration of framing on-set (ever seen an awkward crop on footage that wasn’t shot with digital in mind?) and culminates in edits designed to stop thumbs, engage your audience in a “sound-off” ecosystem, and ultimately drive a low-cost conversion.

Do you support creative testing?

Yes. The most simple version of this might be A/B testing offers, hooks, or otherwise on the spots you launch on TV. However, we can also support more robust testing frameworks that leverage engagement metrics from YouTube to inform decision-making for TV. E.g. we can rapidly test far higher volume on YouTube, so you might test 10 different openings, see which ads have a higher hold rate, and take the top 2 to test on TV. These inferred learnings can help you optimize faster and allocate media dollars much more efficiently than testing on TV alone. 


Can you create brand awareness campaigns?

Yes. While the bulk of the work we do is designed for DR performance, our team have a tremendous amount of experience and success in creating work that gets people talking and sharing.

Do you ever use celebrities in ads?

Yes, when there’s a clear path to ROI. Celebrity endorsement can be a powerful lever to pull, especially once you’ve established TV as an effective channel for your brand. And while creative should be effective with or without a celebrity at the heart of it, it’s certainly something that can be worth consideration — especially if you have a celebrity investor or passionate celebrity customer. 

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